Cheesy Corn Soup
Cheese Grits

Here are a few recipes from my books, which I would like to share with you. The books contain hundreds of original recipes developed for my catering company, The Cookery Company, as well as many used on my television shows. There is even one that I developed for Frank and Barbara Sinatra when they visited our home town, and my husband and I had the opportunity of spending several days with them.

Recipes from Definitive Microwave Cookery I & II

Southwestern Eggs
Steamed Shrimp
Sour Cream Lemon or Lime Pie
Spinach Dip

My recipes include serving suggestions, tips and substitutions. Sometimes, there is friendly dialogue to re-enforce the microwave techniques which make your cooking easier. Definitive Microwave Cookery II includes nutritional analysis of the recipes and ways of making healthier, low fat recipes.  Remember, for any of the following recipes, low fat ingredients may be substituted for regular versions of the ingredient if you wish.