Definitive Microwave Cookery II shows how easy it is to be successful in the kitchen. In minutes, you'll be able to cook meals as wonderful as those it took "grandma" hours to prepare. Includes recipes for plenty of low-fat, HEALTHY meals made from fresh ingredients that become no-fuss masterpieces with little or no effort!!!

Inside this book, you'll find hundreds of original, taste-tempting microwave recipes, hundreds of helpful time-saving tips and ideas, plus loads of information, charts and illustrations. There are even recipes for making massage lotion, lip gloss, doggie cookies and more!

Definitive Microwave Cookery I gives a brief compilation of favorite recipes and is a treasure of valuable information with hundreds of helpful, time-saving tips and ideas for both beginning and accomplished cooks. Dialogue with the reader is relaxed, easy to understand and, the recipes included are sure fire hits at the dinner table.

Definitive Microwave Cookery II - $16.95

Definitive Microwave Cooking
Definitive Microwave Cookery

Definitive Microwave Cookery I - $12.95

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